Announcements :

Investiture Ceremony 27.07.2024     KALASANGAMA 2024 - on 19.07.24 & 20.07.24     Alumni meet 15.07.2024    

Principal’s Message

A Warm welcome to St.Charles Women’s PU College! As we turn the pages to a new academic year, I am thrilled to unveil a chapter celebrating two decades of glorious empowerment. For twenty years, St.Charles Women’s PU College has been a beacon, Illuminating the path of holistic education for young girls, nurturing their potential like fertile ground for vibrant futures.

At St.Charles, we are the architects of lifelong learning, crafting an educational experience that is as dynamic as the 21 st century itself. Our classrooms are not just room, but vibrant ecosystems where unique minds can flourish. Our motto, Toil, Faith and Progress, is the compass that guides us a call to cultivate kindness that blossoms like a flower, a joy of learning as infectious as a melody, and a spirit of humility that allows wisdom to take root. We believe in nurturing excellence, but also the spirit of service, ensuring our students bloom not just individually, but as valuable contributors to the world.

Dear Students, you will embark on a journey of discovery. Meet the passionate minds that make up our faculty, delve into the rich history, and uncover the unique purpose that fuels our mission. We offer a vibrant tapestry of curricular and co- curricular opportunities, threads woven together to challenge, inspire, and empower every student who steps through our doors.

A Charlesian carries the torch of honesty, compassion, and kindness. They are voices that resonate with conviction,hearts that navigate with courage, and spirits that build lives filled with purpose. This is the indelible mark St.Charles leaves on you, the foundation upon which you will construct your extraordinary future.

The college offers scholarships and endowments, nurturing academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and the artistic spark within our students. We believe that deserving students, regardless of background, deserve the opportunity to soar.

So, Let us raise a collective voice in gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us, and seek the continued guidance of St.Charles Borromeo, our Heavenly Patron.

On behalf of the entire Charlesian family, I extend a heartfelt welcome to all our students. May this year be a launchpad for your success, propelling you to unimaginable heights.

With blessings and warm wishes,
Dr.Sr. Nancy Cutinho